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Law Office
Mirko Bandelj d.o.o.

Areas of practice

Corporate law

  • preparation of single and multi member companies acts,
  • legal assistance at conversion and status changes,
  • legal assistance at manage undertaking,
  • procedure in bankruptcy, compulsory settlement and judicial liquidation,
  • protection of competition,
  • intellectual property rights,
  • representation in corporate disputes.

Civil law

  • contract law (legal assistance, preparation and review of contracts),
  • civil enforcement law (debit notes, lodging of proposals, inquiries about debtors assets, calculation of late payment interests),
  • real estate law (preparation of contracts, entries into the land register, possession disputes, protection of property rights, establishing floor ownership),
  • law of inheritance (assistance in inheritance procedures) ,
  • family law (preparation of no-fault divorce propositions or divorce lawsuits, maintenance claims, spouses agreements),
  • compensation (compensation claims, negotiations with insurance company).

Labour law

  • preparation of general internal acts of employer,
  • legal assistance at assessment of staff restructuring conditions,
  • preparation and negotiations at collective labour agreements,
  • preparation and conclusion of employment contracts,
  • protection of workers exercising rights of employment relationship,
  • legal assistance at employment contracts dismissal,
  • representation in labour disputes.

Administrative and constitutional law

  • public procurement (preparation of tender documentation, auditing of procedures for public procurement orders),
  • Acquisition of building and operating permits,
  • representation in administrative disputes,
  • constitutional complaints,
  • propositions for control of constitutionality.